Can You Give Some Examples Of B2C Business Models?


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The term B2C represents a business to consumer selling model. This is where a business sells it's goods, products or service directly to its consumers.

Well Known Examples of B2C Business Models

Several examples of B2C business models exist in the markets today. Among the largest of these is Amazon, which sells a huge variety of goods such as books right through to furniture, directly to the consumer. This is an online example of a B2C business model.

Smaller Examples of B2C Business Models

If you wished to buy your food locally you would visit a fishmonger, butcher or greengrocer etc. These business owners would be selling their food items to you directly, which is another example of how a B2C business model functions on a smaller scale to larger companies.

B2B Business Models

The term B2B stands for Business to Business selling of goods, products and services.

Amazon can be used here again as an example also of B2B as the goods which it sells directly to consumers are first purchased from manufacturers, i.e another business selling it's goods/services to another business.

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