What Is Selling Concept Of Marketing And Give Its 3 Example?


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The concept of marketing holds that achieving organizational goals depends on determining the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than competitors do. The marketing and selling concepts are often confused but despite this confusion, there are many organizations that follow the selling concept. The selling concept is the idea that consumers will not buy enough of the organization's products unless the organization undertakes a large-scale selling and promotion effort.

The five most important points of the selling concept of the marketing are describe hereunder: -

1. This concept is typically practiced with unsought goods (those that buyers do not normally think of buying e.g. insurance policies).
2. The selling concept takes an "inside-out" perspective (focuses on existing products and uses heavy promotion and selling efforts).
3. To be successful with this concept, the organization must be good at tracking down the interested buyer and selling them on product benefits.
4. Industries that use this concept usually have overcapacity. Their aim is to sell what they make rather than make what will sell in the market.
5. There are not only high risks with this approach but low satisfaction by customers.
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The Selling Concept – this orientation assumes that consumers will either not buy or not buy enough of the organisation’s products unless the organisation makes a substantial effort to stimulate their (consumers) interest in its products.
The selling concept can work where;
I. Consumers normally tend to avoid buying some things that are not essential
II. Consumers can be stimulated or talked into buying more through various sales   stimulating devices.
III. The organisation maintains a strong sales-oriented team as a means of attracting and keeping customers.
The selling concept is used on unsought goods such as smoke detectors, yam pounding machines, insurance (especially life assurance policy), club membership, etc. This group of sellers is often well equipped with various techniques or strategies aimed at finding prospects and emphasize the benefits of the products.
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The selling concept of marketing emphasizes on high promotions for aggressive selling. The aim of selling concept of marketing is to determine how the products will reach to the customers. For example, what will be the distribution channels, what will be the transportation options and what will be the sales territories. The concept is that how the company can increase its sales through marketing like if a company manufactures a beauty product, then it will decide about transportation, sales territory etc and these things are assumed as marketing promotion strategies to increase sales. Another example, can be the selection of distribution strategy by Coca Cola in a specific region.
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Selling may be personal or impersonal. Personal selling is a highly distinctive word and the only form of direct sales promotion involving face to face relationship between seller and potential customers. Personal selling is flexible and extremely effective but costly form of sales promotion. Personal selling is a two way communication or mutual communication.
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This concept emphasizes on aggressive selling and high promotional back up. Selling, concept is practical on what we call as 'unsought goods' such as insurance, encyclopaedia etc. At most times, the selling concept is practical by managers having uniqueness and overcapacity. Their aim is to sell what they can make rather that what the market needs. The customer still may not fully like the product and have what we calls 'bad-mouth'. Bad mouth is when a customer talks not in favours of the product. Bad mouth travels fast.
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Selling is a very vital function of business firms. The major objectives of business enterprises include profit earning or maximizing, increasing the wealth of owners and promoting public welfare. All these objectives depend on money, which comes through profit that is earned by sale, which are generated by selling.
Selling refers to a systematic process consisting in identifying customers needs, convincing the customer of that need and recognizing by him the values of a particular product or services for his need. In other words may defined as the orderly process whereby the customers are made aware of their existing and future needs and then they are shown how their needs can be satisfied by particular products or services. Infact selling means arousing wants in the customers. It is fostering want awareness and wants satisfaction in the customer where by be must buy products or services so that a sale takes place. It is critical aspect of the promotional strategy of a firm. Selling is usually face-to-face, one-to-one situation existed both in retail sales person and a prospective buyer. This situation existed both in retail sales involving ultimate customer and also in business-to-business transactions.
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