What Are The Example Of Production Concept?


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A production concept is a concept whereby the good will be produced without taking into consideration the tastes, choices of differences between customers. Basically, this is one of the earliest marketing concepts used by companies, where goods were simply produced by the firms on the belief that they will easily be sold, simply because the customers will need to the product.

This was very much practiced by earlier industrials. Later it became a standardised practice for most companies. Ford, for instance, was considered as one of the earliest champions of the production concept. Ford once famously said that Americans scan get ‘any car from Ford until it is black’. This quote has gone down in marketing history, as it has stressed the importance of production concept, and the importance that it once held in the world of business.

With a continuous industrialisation of most industries, and more players have entered into more markets, there has been considerably less space available for competitors to perform this kind of production technique. Many players were actually producing the same kinds of goods, or essentially the same product, and that’s why it became incredibly obvious that mass producing goods can no longer work because of the increase of ‘me too’ products. The focus, hence, has shifted from the past’s famous ‘production concept’, to a ‘customisation concept’.

The customisation concept is a concept whereby each and every product that has been produced and delivered, is done so according to the tastes of customers, the potential choices of customers. Basically businesses have to ensure that their products can suit all tastes. Dell is considered to be one of the best businesses that make use of this customisation concept. The car industry can be used, too, as vehicles are now available with as range of features and in an array of colours.
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There are two school of thoughts; Marketing concept and production concept. In the production concept it is assumed that the goods are produced without considering the needs of the consumers. It is one of the oldest concepts of marketing and it assumes that goods are produced because consumers will need them in their near future.

A number of industries follow this concept like Ford once quoted that Americans can take any car if it is black. This shows the idea of the production concept that a company manufacturing cars with this concept. Moreover, different varieties of rice are available in the market and the producer of rice produces them because they know that customers will finally go for any variety.
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