Why Are The Production Concept, The Product Concept, And The Selling Concept Inferior To The Marketing Concept And Of Limited Use For The Conduct Of Business Operations Today?


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It can actually be argued that all the concepts mentioned have an important role to play in today's business operations.

Yes, marketing can be key and certainly a great marketing concept can rocket a business into near instant success. If the product is flawed however, or the stock levels or selling structure are insufficient, then they will not be able to fulfill the orders or keep up the interest from customers for very long.

Designing the product and devising how it can best be produced are both crucial for the success of the business. The product needs to pass all safety and quality checks and needs to be able to be produced at the smallest amount of expense possible in order to increase potential profit margins.

Also the selling concept still has a very important role in today's business operations and is closely linked to marketing. A business needs to work out what amount of stock they need and to distribute it appropriately. They need to try and tie up big contracts with companies and so pitching and selling this to the buyers is vital.

Many people in business believe a product simply can't sell itself no matter how great it may be. Therefore it is widely agreed that marketing is a major concept in any business to invest time and money into. Marketing gets the product out there and should scream to a person that they need it in their life.

However, as mentioned earlier, it is more a case of all concepts working together to create a successful business, rather than simply marketing being the only important one to concentrate on.

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