Can You Give Me Some Examples Of Strengths And Weaknesses?


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My biggest strength is the sense of responsibility, punctuality and the ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines. I am a very trustworthy person with an ability to work as a team player or as an individual which helps me to survive under different kind of environments. I can carry along with diverse cultural environments in versatile atmosphere and still be able to represent myself as a person who can be trusted with most of the things involved in business and personal life.

The Ability to merge into the people and be a part of them is one key trait that any successful person might have, and this ability makes me unique that people find me trustworthy as a person with who they can share their sorrows, happiness take advice. So I consider this as my biggest strength that I can merge into any group of people belonging to any race or any part of the world.

My Weakness is that I can get hurt very quickly if someone disregards my sincere efforts, or accuse me of being guilty of a mistake which I never did, this does results in a mental stress which ultimately effects my performance. This is what I think is my strength and weakness.
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Your strengths are something that you are particular good or skilled at, whether this is innately (or naturally) or in a way that you have taught yourself. A weakness is something in which you are deficient and that may cause problems to you.

For instance, one of my strengths is communication by writing, but one of my weaknesses is oral communication. I prefer to write to people than speak to them because I have confidence in the strength of the my written communication skills, whereas my oral communication skills are weaker.

It is not always good to tell people your weaknesses as sometimes people exploit them, it is also not so good to boast about your strengths all the time because people get bored of hearing it and then they are unimpressed.

Your strengths and weaknesses are often closely linked or oppositional, for instance, I have spent a great deal of life cultivating my mind, which has given me a strong mind, however I have neglected my body.

What are YOUR strengths and weaknesses?
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Some examples of strengths and weaknesses depend upon what you are relating the strengths and weaknesses to, but I will list some examples that might be used in the business or commercial world:


Self Discipline,
Self Motivation
Attention to Detail
Sense of Humour
Willingness to adapt to new and changing situations


Perfectionism, which can be destructive because one obsesses on the outcomes of something beyond any usefulness.

Opinionated, I am highly opinionated, this is often a good way for me to express myself, but sometimes it can get in the way.

Lack of specific training to certain tasks might be considered a weakness.

It is important when creating a list of your strengths and weaknesses that whilst you use this to show your strengths, you do not entirely destroy your reputation by listing your weaknesses too openly. Take it as an opportunity to express how you would address these weaknesses in the future.
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It would help to know the context of your question! For instance, if you are talking about an interview question, then it requires a different focus rather than a question geared toward your daily work life.

Example: Your question in an interview: Answer: "Weaknesses are opportunities to sharpen my strengths. I believe my first weakness is my desire to be involved. In my past positions, I have a tendency to want to be involved in all phases of a project - from the design / architect of the project to the implementation of the project. I get my responsibilities completed - usually before they are due, but I tend to be in the offices of others figuring out if we can streamline the project better. My second weakness is time management. Because I enjoy a lot on my plate and I feel like I work better when I have heavy responsibilities, I tend to not manage my time appropriately. I might spend several hours one day and a few minutes on another day. On the contrary, the key to my success has been focus. At a very early age, I was taught musical discipline - which led me to understanding how critical focus is - no matter if it's 5 minutes or 9 months. I understand how to focus on the project and prioritize appropriately. My second strength is team building. I have watched, learned and executed proven team building principals that develop individual character, team trust and project integrity."
Obviously, this is what I would say - so don't feel as if you have to have the same S&W. If you are looking for a different answer to the core topic, let me know.

- Jay Martinez
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As for my strengths, I'm always been a self-starter, always finding ways to improve myself to research, reading and volunteer in various organization. I don't get discourage from simply figuring out puzzle games, solving mathematical problems and frustrating projects in school. However, I love challenges and obstacles, I find fulfillment when I accomplish them, at the same time, my years in UC help me develop my ability to relate with people of all state of life. As for my weakness, maybe I pushed myself too much sometimes that I have to make sure once in awhile that I have enough time to rest and time to have fun so I won't get burned out.
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My strengths
I am assertive
I am an effective decision-maker
I work exceptionally well under pressure
I am outspoken
I am a good listener
I am very much into lending a helping hand
I am versatile
I love challenges

I easily attach emotions into stuff (emotionally sensitive)
I am not punctual
I am too..... Conscious about my privacy          I am addicted to blurt it, I don't know where that one falls.....!

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I believe the strengths are progressiveness, perseverance and employability. Weaknesses as for me is the inability to adapt to different situations in life and at work. I recently read an article about how people adapt to life situations and remain calm while doing so. Frankly speaking, I have a lot to learn because I lack emotional resilience in critical situations.

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Superman's strength is, in fact, his strength.  He is much stronger than humans.

One of superman's weaknesses is that he can't see through lead.

This is, of course, all academic, as Superman is only a comic book/movie character.  But, this is still an example of a strength and weakness.

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