Can You Give Some Examples Of Business Research?


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Business research includes the analysis and evaluation of important areas of business. Business research is very important for a number of people like businessmen, students studying businesses, business researchers, entrepreneurs and investors. There are thousands of people who all the time carries on business research, therefore, there are a number of examples of business research.

For example, marketers are facing decline in the sales of the product and they do business research on "Impact of packaging and shelf positioning on impulse buying behavior of consumers". This research will show that why consumers go for impulse buying and how marketers can get benefit by offering attractive packaging and locating products on front shelves.

There are various fields of business and suppose a researcher is interested in carrying out a research on business ethics then he can do research on "Business ethics and sales risks". Business research can also be carried out for the new start ups and the topic can be "How to write a business plan".

For more examples: Business researches

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Business research needs to be done in order to gain enough knowledge about a particular subject so that the right decision can be made about it and a better strategy can be formulated. There are many ways in which business research can be done depending upon the nature of the matter at hand. For example, Document Analysis for past trends and future predictions, surveys and questionnaires and interviewing are the ones that are used most frequently.
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