How Does Advertising Affect People?


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It seems we are bombarded with ads on a constant basis.  From billboards, commercials and even banner ads while we check our email, there is no shortage of advertisements enticing us to buy, buy, buy!  Does all this information from the media affect us for good or ill?  It depends on who you ask.  Savvy consumers, those of us who watch every penny and shop for bargains, would probably say advertising has an ill-effect on people.  Commercials make the viewer believe he or she needs to buy that car, take this medicine, or eat at a particular fast-food restaurant.  Thus, television is not free.  Viewers have to endure commercials from companies trying to sell something we probably do not need or want.  Banner ads and ads on social media sites, or the internet, or the ones that show up in email accounts, annoy the knowledgeable shopper and present unwanted distractions to what he or she is trying to purchase.  This type of ad dances before the web-surfers eyes without permission.  Ads on the Internet practically beg the consumer to click on it so we can save a few pennies on some personal care item, on groceries, or use a 50% off coupon for someplace we will never visit.  On the other hand, businesses have to get the word out about what they are offering to Joe and Jill Public.  Advertising is not cheap but it is effective and helps consumers have choices through awareness of what is available in the marketplace, virtual or otherwise. Advertising makes finding what you need extremely easy and you don’t have to look far or hard to do so. Just as the naysayers find advertising cumbersome and annoying, when you are looking for something, there is nothing better than a well placed ad.
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It affects us both physically and psychologically.
Physically advertising can cause eating disorders; such as bulimia and anorexia.
Psychologically we may think we're getting a great product because adverts brainwash us in a way to buy their goods.

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