What Are The Disadvantages Of Hiring An Advertising Agency?


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While hiring an advertising agency has its share of benefits and advantages, the prospect is not devoid of a set of drawbacks and disadvantages either. Nevertheless the decision to hire an advertising agency or depend upon the company's marketing division for the advertising of the products and / or services, differs from organization to organization and depends heavily upon the nature of the product offerings in the product line and sometimes even the organization structure as well. Many companies also have an in-house agency that is an advertising agency that is under the umbrella of the parent company. In the case of not deciding upon hiring an advertising agency, the company should opt out for an in-house agency.

As for the disadvantages of hiring an advertising agency, the first drawback is the priority aspect. As the advertising agency would have a number of other accounts to work upon, the attention of the advertising agency would be divided and not exclusive, giving the product a definite disadvantage. Moreover the heavy payment that advertising agencies charge from the organizations is another matter of concern that could be classified as a disadvantage. There are some other drawbacks but they are not that important. Nevertheless before reaching a final decision, a company should always weigh the pros and cons of each option against each other and should base its decision in the light of their interpretation.
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