Why Might An Organisation Need A Diverse Workforce?


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If an organization's workforce was built up of the same people, all the company's problem solving strategies, marketing plans, profit solutions and creative ideas would be the same, if not, too similar to be of any advantage. If everyone in the team came from the same background, be it cultural or educational, the company would be stuck on the same problems for ages until boom, the company is dead.
  • Organizations need diverse workforces to gain a variety of business creativity throughout the entire business plan covering all aspects of the company.
  • Having a diverse workforce means that the employees within the organization come from a variety of cultural, educational and specialism backgrounds. This results in a higher standard of productivity for the company across all areas as it allows a wide range of business ideas.
  • This allows advantages for businesses in terms of creativity and ideas as well as problem solving tactics which then in effect, allows the organization to progress easier into a global market. Having such qualities within a team improves the quality of the products thus the profits and sales.
  • Recognizing the different qualities in the workforce is relevant to all areas of an organization. This includes marketing, finance, legal and company design.
  • Throughout the entire organization, if the staff at the top recognize and cater to all backgrounds within the workforce, chances are, the staff will be happier and feel more important in the company. This results in better work production and helps employees to aim higher in their job and career.

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