How To Manage A Diverse Workforce?


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Managing a Diverse Workforce.There will be no gain saying in this statement that the workforce has become increasingly diverse, with higher percentages of women and minorities entering and advancing in organizations. Now when we talk abuot the Africa and USA ( United States America) African Americans and Hispanics will compose over 25 percent of the workforce whereas the percentage of white males will decrease from 51 percent to 44 percent of the workforce by the year 2005. Increasing diversity, or differences resulting from age, gender, race ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic background, represents a major challenge for managers. Members of a group who are very diverse are likely to have different experiences, assumptions, and values, and could respond to work situations in very different ways.

Managers face three challenges as a result of increased workforce diversity: fairness and justice, decision making and performance, and flexibility.It is further stated that it is very difficult to manage a diverse workforce but it is also important too because we cannot progress untill our workforce become a real asset.
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Things are a lot different from the days managers tried to treat everyone the same, As the makeup of the workforce has changed, it has become necessary to change styles of management. It is more important to use the variety of skills people bring to the workplace. A team can benefit from the different experiences and points of view of its members. Each team member has his own talents and ways of doing things that can add to the success of the of the group.

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