There are several characteristics that an organization needs to possess to be considered a multicultural organization. Describe what a multicultural organization will look like using these characteristics?


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A company that wishes to be deemed as multicultural will need to employ a variety of people from different genders, ethnic backgrounds, religions and ages without discrimination as to what roles or work they can be considered for. It is also important that an organization and its employees have an appreciation for individuality and diversity in the workplace.

If an organization acquires a wide spectrum of diverse members from different backgrounds, they are giving themselves a much broader possibility for creativity. Given that today's society has seen a great increase in multiculturalism in our everyday lives, it makes sense to translate this idea to businesses.
  • Communication
If you have an ethnically diverse organization, this means that you can approach all walks of life in the best possible way. Your diverse workforce will be able to adequately understand and efficiently communicate with their own ethnic backgrounds. They will know what is most appealing or beneficial for their demographic.
  • Decision making
Having a multicultural workforce can help the company make the best informed decisions possible. A diverse collection of staff will be able to help the manager know what would be the best course of action to take for each different demographic the company is aiming to supply with a product or service. This makes the organization much more effective in what they do.
  • Innovation and creativity
With so many people from so many different walks of life compiling ideas into the pot, the spectrum for creativity becomes much broader. It is one thing to have a collection of people from the same country, but imagine the creative possibilities if these parameters were extended to a worldwide demographic of people? As technology improves convenience and availability of worldwide communication, you can gather the ideas and opinions of so many different people from different backgrounds.

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