Explain two examples of problems that might happen that you as a team leader would need to refer to someone higher in the organisation?


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When working as a team leader in any kind of organization- a charity, firm or educational institution - situations sometimes arise in which it would be appropriate to consult someone higher up in the organization hierarchy. Although the leader should be equipped with necessary leadership skills and be able to assert authority where needed, they may not be able to correctly sort out every problem without senior management.

One example of a problem that might occur when acting as a team leader is a member of your team not working as they should. For instance, they may be slacking off, not contributing, handing in assignments past the deadline or not turning up for work. Although you should be the first to highlight the problem with the staff member, it may be appropriate to notify your boss of what is happening if the problem persists. Disciplinary action may need to be taken. What’s more, you don’t want the blame to land with yourself as team leader for not reporting the person’s actions. Ensure your superiors are aware of staff performance within your team at all times.

Another time at which it may be appropriate to refer to someone higher in the organization is when a task or project is too much for your team to handle. Your team may not have the necessary skill set or enough expertise, or it may simply be that there aren’t enough members to complete the job on time. Instead of struggling through without the required workforce, tell your boss of the situation. This prevents problems later down the line - you don’t want your team to be responsible for missed deadlines or poor customer service, as this will negatively impact your reputation within the firm.

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