How Do I Refile An Unemployment Claim?


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You re-file an unemployment claim in the same way that you made the original claim and you will be subject to the same eligibility criteria as you were then. The trouble that the majority of people have when they want to re-file a claim is whether or not they are eligible at all.

Each state defines how much money you must have earned from paid employment during the first four of the last five full calendar quarters. Often, for people who are re-filing, that income was unemployment payments, and they do not count when assessment is being made.

You can re-file your claim as soon as you become eligible once more, which could be when you are made unemployed again, or when you become fit enough to work. There is an exception to this and that is when you have exhausted your benefits.

Different states calculate how much you are entitled to differently; for some it is based on a percentage of how much you earned, for others you will be paid for a particular number of weeks. Either way, once you have had all that they calculate is your due, you will receive no more in that benefit year.

A benefit year is calculated by adding 52 weeks to the date of your claim. If you are unsure of this date it can be found on the original notice of determination that you were sent when your benefits were approved. If you have lost this, then you can call your state labor office, or even check online.

Even if you find work after the exhaustion of your benefits and then find yourself unemployed again while still within the time frame of that benefit year, you will be ineligible to re-file a claim.
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I recd last unemployment check how can I keep receiving  can't find job
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If I was denied unemployement In the first week  January and then started working the last week of January was layed off due to lack of work, will I qualify?

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