What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hire Purchase?


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The Advantages of Hire Purchase Agreements to the consumers
Spread the cost of finance. Whilst choosing to pay in cash is preferable, this might not be possible for consumer on a tight budget. A hire purchase agreement allows a consumer to make monthly repayments over a pre-specified period of time;
• Interest-free credit. Some merchants offer customers the opportunity to pay for goods and services on interest free credit. This is particularly common when making a new car purchase or on white goods during an economic downturn;
• Higher acceptance rates. The rate of acceptance on hire purchase agreements is higher than other forms of unsecured borrowing because the lenders have collateral;
• Sales. A hire purchase agreement allows a consumer to purchase sale items when they aren't in a position to pay in cash. The discounts secured will save many families money;
• Debt solutions. Consumers that buy on credit can pursue a debt solution, such as a debt management plan, should they experience money problems further down the line.
The Disadvantages of Hire Purchase Agreements to the consumers
• Personal debt. A hire purchase agreement is yet another form of personal debt it is monthly repayment commitment that needs to be paid each month;
• Final payment. A consumer doesn't have legitimate title to the goods until the final monthly repayment has been made;
• Bad credit. All hire purchase agreements will involve a credit check. Consumers that have a bad credit rating will either be turned down or will be asked to pay a high interest rate;
• Creditor harassment. Opting to buy on credit can create money problems should a family experience a change of personal circumstances;
• Repossession rights. A seller is entitled to 'snatch back' any goods when less than a third of the amount has been paid back. Should more than a third of the amount have been paid back, the seller will need a court order or for the buyer to return the item voluntarily.
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With hire purchase you can get your items straight away, and if you don't have much money you can pay just a little at a time, so it may still be possible to afford the item. However, over time you will pay more than you would with a direct purchase, and if you fall behind on your payments you can lose everything.

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