How Can I Check My Checking Acct Balance From Metro Bank?


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One way of checking your account balance is through Metro Bank's phone banking system. But first you will have to enrol on the said phone bank system by going to your nearest  Metro Bank branch. Once enrolled in the system, you can dial 5-8000. You will then be prompted for your account number which you will need to type into your phone as well as your six digit Metrophone banking code. Then the machine will give you a number of choices one of which will be to receive a text message with your account balance one.

A further way to check your account balance is to use Metro Banks online banking service. Here you will have to enrol again at your local branch though you will probably have done this at the time of setting up your bank account. Once you are set up, you simply use your login details and online pin code to log into Metro Bank’s online banking service and click the tab which allows you to see you account balance.

Though both of the above ways can be used to check your account balance, you may find it easier to simply use a cash machine to check your account balance as this is an option on nearly all cash machines.

Metro Bank plc is a retail bank operating in the United Kingdom as from 2010. It was founded by Anthony Thomson and Vernon Hill. The bank aims are very customer-oriented. Metro Bank was granted a full-service banking license on 5 March 2010 by the Financial Services Authority. It was the first high-street bank to be granted such a license for over 150 years. It opened its first branch in Holborn on 29 July 2010 and it’s second in Earl's Court, Cromwell Road on 3 September 2010, and has subsequently opened in Fulham and Borehamwood. In July 2010, Metro Bank entered into an agreement with MasterCard to provide MasterCard payment cards to its customers, including issuing Debit MasterCard with its current accounts.
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My atm balance how to check
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Just to fill up first all the given personal details, then if we finest to fill then proceed to balance inquiry,then set your card number follow by the security code...
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How to I check my balance account balance in metrobank this is my bank account no.3314483147
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You can check your balance through Metrobank's phone banking. But first you have to enroll to the said phone banking by going to a Metrobank branch near your place.
You can check by dialing 5-8000. The prompt will ask your Account number as well as your 6-digit metrophone banking code. Then wait for the choices the machine will tell you. Including Balance Inquiry.

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