What Happens If You Are Drawing Unemployment Benefits And Working?


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You are going to get in big trouble and they are going to make you pay everything they gave you with interest,besides if you are really doing that,that so messed up for people like that sometimes they investigate you
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The system will catch up with you by your social security number, unless you are working under the table. And even if you are working a contract labor job, that employer will file a 1099 on your wages, so the proof will be there. If you are audited one day you will pay all the money back with interest, and of corse the IRS can fine you for the fraud..The system gets exhausted with funds because of people like the right thing.
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You are not going to be facing big trouble legally and will have to face embarrassment in the society. Apart from this, you may loose your job and will have to answer your spouse and children too!

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