If I Take A Commission Only Job While Collecting Unemployment Can I Continue To Collect While I Earn No Commission In First Few Months?


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I thought this information would be helpful. May it bless your conscience as it did mine

QUESTION: I am currently collecting unemployment in Washington state and am eligible for 6 more months. I am contemplating a job that is commission only, and I would be an independent contractor. Can I continue to receive unemployment as an IC? I do not expect to receive any wages for a few months at best while I am IC up. At what point would I need to stop filing?

ANSWER: When you start receiving wages you have to report them to the Unemployment office. If you do not make enough than you will still be allowed to draw some unemployment and they will count the wages. Until you make enough wages that you no longer need to draw unemployment.

If you make wages and do not report them you will have to pay back all the unemployment that you have drawn and could be in trouble with them.

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