What Do You Say When Someone Is Fired?


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Consoling someone who has been fired from their job is tricky. You obviously want to show support, but they might still be feeling angry and upset - but here are a couple of ideas that might help:

What to say to someone who's been fired from their job
If you genuinely don't know what to say to someone after they've lost their job, I'd recommend simply telling them: 'I don't know what to say'.

This shows that you're taking the situation seriously, and that you can empathize with their predicament.

Things that you DON'T want to say include:

  • There are plenty of other jobs out there
  • At least your partner/husband/wife has a job
  • You're better off without that job anyway
Also don't remind them about any financial obligations they may have.

How to help someone get over losing their job
If you want to help someone get over losing their job, actions often speak louder than words.

Showing that you are there by their side is important. Why not treat your friend to a consolatory meal/12 rounds of drinks at a bar, and/or a visit to a local 'table dancing' establishment?

You may also want to email your friend a few job leads or introduce them to employers who are looking for staff.

Be careful not to bombard the person with random job adverts, though - try and find jobs that match their interests and skills. You'll want to boost their confidence by showing them how many better jobs there are out there.
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I usually say: "I'm sorry you lost your job. I hope you find something wonderful in its place."

Or do you want to know how to tell someone they are being fired?

In which case, i would say: "We will no longer be needing your services, and you may leave the building immediately".

I have heard both in my lifetime.

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