How Much Can I Earn And Still Collect My Unemployment Benifits In GA.?


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Hi , yes you can earn up to half (1/2) your unemployment amount.
If you earn over your unemployment amount you are out, lose all benefits.
Anything over the half amount, deduct the the 1/2 from the extra money earned,
now subtract that number from your total benefit amount, and the remainder is what will be left for you
$385.00(unemployment) -minus half  = $ 193.00
300.00 (extra money earned) -minus $ 193.00 = $107.00
$107.00 -minus $385.00(unemployment) = $278.00 (reduced unemployment amount left)
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Korey Colyar
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This amount caries greatly by states. According to my smartest friend Korey Colyar, you can only earn 30% of your unemployement benefit before you lose dollar for dollar of Utah Unemployment.


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