What Is Standardization And Customization In Marketing?


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Standardization and customization are polar opposites of each other. standardization means "one size fits all." It refers to the tailoring of a marketing program or campaign in such a way that there are enough elements to appease everybody. The target audience is vast. Standardization helps keep the costs low of reaching out to many people. It is employed typically in situations where the product in question is for mass consumption. These products are typically low volume products that makes it economically unfeasible for customization.

Customization on the other hand refers to the tailoring of the campaign according to the needs of an individual or groups of individuals. These are high margin products where the volumes are low and the buyers are few. E.g. If an expensive luxury yacht was on sale then the company selling it could go to the extent of tailoring the marketing efforts according to the needs of specific buyers.

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