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donna jackson answered's market position as defined by a recent Fortune 500 ranking was 272 .....was formerly 303.
Yet in terms of book sales, c.d.sales and related services like a blog for unpublished authors called gather, which includes a blog, and membership by anyone who wields a pen, in these areas particularly, they seem to have the market.

They also have a self publishing house for authors not covered by the big publishing houses.
Reviews of books and music is a big focus of Amazons since it makes its money from sales of those.
I am not sure in the book sales market if they have major competition, perhaps Bloomsbury, or educational publishers like Oxford University press, but it seems unlikely.
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Amazon is constantly scanning its competitors' price bases and looking for those products for which its merchants make the best deals on alternative sites. If this is found, then the seller is sent a request to reduce the price on Amazon. And that's not all how Amazon positions itself to the seller. Therefore, you must know how to save your money and profits. Read more about amazon analytics . Hope it'll help.

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