What Can Be The Strengths And Challenges Of Supermarkets?


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Here in the UK there's been a lot of debate about supermarkets and their effects on small shops and high street stores. Tescos has been the main contender for the criticism from the government, other retailers and pressure groups.
Supermarkets offer a very wide range of goods ranging from fruit to fridges and because they are in competition with each other they keep prices competitive. The size of supermarkets keeps expanding and now there are hypermarkets which are larger than some small rural communities! They are cheap, offer a range of goods and some are open 24 hrs.
On the downside they are too large and putting small, often rural shops out of business. Some small towns have seen over ninety percent of their traditional shops close. They don't offer the community friendship of small shops. Some, myself included feel that there's too much choice and we have become a society that wants too much when we don't need it.
There has been a revival of smaller shops and small rural co-operative shops in opposition to the supermarkets we voted against, but got anyway!!
At the end of the day we need to vote with our feet and money, if you don't approve of the supermarket go to the local shop , keep them open and support local tradespeople.

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