What Is The Maximum Unemployment Benefit In Wisconsin?


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The maximum amount that one is entitled to with regards to unemployment benefits in Wisconsin is $363 per week. The minimum is said to be $54. Unemployment insurance programmes are regulated by the governing bodies that belong to the United States of America and are entirely funded by state, federal and private companies that draw upon employment tax.
It is really up to the state government to balance the check book accordingly, so the state has to decide the amount and for how long as well as who qualifies to receive the benefits. Some states decide differently and it is entirely dependent on the state location.
Some states like Massachusetts pay as high as $900 depending on the eligibility. Yet only a number of states such as Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Jersey offer generous benefits.
The majority of the states provide average benefits which range between $300 and $500. So, depending on where you worked, your unemployment benefits are determined and if you live in those states that do not pay well, you may regret working there.
This is because if you move, the unemployment insurance will ultimately be in control by the state where you technically earned your wages.
On November 6th, 2009 President Barack Obama signed the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act, meaning this will extend unemployment benefits by an extra 14 weeks with those states that have unemployment rates of 8.5 per cent or higher will be allocated an additional six weeks for a total of 20 weeks.
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Minimum Benefit Rate:  $54
  Maximum Benefit Rate:  $363 plus $25 listed below
Federal Economic Stimulus Package  - Federal Additional Compensation (FAC) $25 Weekly Supplement target="_blank" class="qa" rel="external">

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