What Is The Maximum Unemployment Benefit In California?


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The maximum amount of unemployment benefit a person can receive in California is $450 per week. If someone is qualified to receive the unemployment compensation, they can receive this maximum amount depending on what they were earning.

Now when the maximum unemployment benefit amount a person can obtain is clear, let’s look at the other things that have to be kept in mind before claiming the unemployment benefit.

If someone earned $ 11,500 each quarter or earned less some quarters and earned more in some, then they will receive this maximum amount, otherwise an amount lesser than $ 450 will be received as an unemployment benefit.

The general rule of the thumb in obtaining unemployment compensation is that one receives either the full or half of what he/she was being paid - whichever is less. However, there are exceptions to the rule, which can be looked in more detail on the official website of the Employment Development Department, California.

If someone is earning part time, they will get a reduced amount of the employment benefit. A person will have to report his/her earnings before the deductions so that Employment Development Department can calculate the amount to be deducted.

Unemployment is a nuisance, but one has to learn thoroughly about the benefits one can receive because of unemployment. A booklet is provided by the Employment Development Department of California for further and detailed reading.

Unemployment can be a nuisance in itself and also something that is very upsetting for anyone. But of course, one should not lose heart as an unemployment benefit can get you through the hard times while you are searching for a new job.

It is highly recommended that one should read thoroughly the details of what eligibility criteria one has to fulfil for applying for the unemployment compensation, and also the exact amount they are eligible to receive. This will not cause any confusions, delays and unnecessary misunderstandings in claiming the unemployment benefit.
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Ive been on unemployment since Aug. 1st 2006 ! On and off of course but I was in manufacturing and here in cali thats a field thats hard hit and construction. So I think It all depends on what you did. I'm in school now and have been approved for benefits , but if theres no money in the claim You can Count on $0 ! So if your on your fed ed thats how long on benefits you get !

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