What Is Tesco Target Market?


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Tesco is the conglomerate food retailer in the UK, holding approximately 15.5 % share of the total market. Tesco strives to grow their share of the non-food markets. The two key factors in Tesco's success are learning from mistakes and listening to their customers. Offering their customers quality products at lower prices and putting local people first in their business strategies is also core component in their success. Tesco's target market is divided into specific segments to best target its diverse clientele. 

Tesco’s core business activity is selling grocery on a wide scale. Two things a business can do to inflate their business are to: Choose to diversify their core business activity or specialize in what they’re good at.  Tesco chose the former and is working with a fantastic market base to start with.  Let’s face it, everyone needs groceries and fresh produce.  Markets have been and will continue to be a huge part of our interdependent societies. 

Tesco, like many other businesses, is ever expanding its business in order to keep up the competition at a high level. This makes it vital that Tesco invest in new services and products so that customer’s demands are met. A Tesco customer is a stakeholder in the company. Customers are stakeholders because they have an interest in a business and also because the actions of customers directly affect the business. In these cases businesses have two choices to increase their share in the market, either diversifying their practices or to specialize in their chosen area.

Tesco like many larger companies with household names are venturing into other areas beside the ones they built their current success in.  This allows these businesses to grow and expand into new areas using the techniques they have learned in their current industry.  Many of these ventures outside of comfort zones that these businesses take are in related industries.  It’s all about maximizing profits while minimizing costs and shared costs amongst interests is one sure way to reduce some of them.
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Tesco targets the high street and thterefore claimes that it is the cheapest when taking into account the points that given to the customers.

However, it still targets other segments like these people who are more interested in the quality.
Finally, by emphasising the value of the money, Tesco targets who want something reasonable in terms of quality and price.

So. Tesco tries to target all most all the possible targets.
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People With A Middle Income And Young Children,.

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