Nivea vision, mision What is nivea marketing strategy? What is nivea marketing goals ? What is nivea marketing mix? What is nivea marketing target group? Nivea communication goals ? Nivea communicataion target group ? Nivea communication Strategy?


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The Nivea strategy document, which can be found online in a PDF format, outlines a basic understanding of their strategy. Nivea says that ‘The brand philosophy centered on maintaining the association of ‘universality’ for NIVEA products. Now that the NIVEA brand represented comprehensive skin care and personal care, the company wanted to develop a marketing strategy that would continue to nurture core NIVEA associations while widening their applicability and enhancing their meaning via sub-brands. Kunisch explained: "We want to build on the image of the blue tin where we are number one almost everywhere in Europe.”’

The document continues that it wants to be able to extend the Nivea brand, and strengthen the brand image of all of its products, and to extent its ability to provide a wide range of products. The target group must be extended too, away from primarily middle aged women.

It was also believed by the former CEO of Cosmed, Kunisch, that Nivea needed a new communications strategy. Hence, now the communications strategy is more effective and efficient, allowing the company to be, quote, ‘the most fascinating brand in the world, second only to Coca-Cola’.

Over the last 50 years, the firm has done a great job of keeping the brand diverse and focused, in a very reasonable way. The communications strategy and marketing strategy that are now implemented are allowing Nivea to become more effective in targeting a market and providing new products. For more information, you can visit the Nivea web page, which provides links to its partner company and pages that talk about the strategy of the company.

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