What Are Tesco's Marketing Concept?


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Where do you fit in? Corporate Marketing
Our Marketing gets noticed. Our TV advertising, press ads and outdoor campaigns are enjoyed across the UK.

However, persuading customers to shop at Tesco is only a tiny part of the story.

The science of selling
What do industry statistics say about our position in the marketplace?
How do customers rate us according to qualitative and quantitative research?
Are we achieving like-for-like sales?
We cover all this and more in Marketing. We're right at the core of the business.

The voice of our customers. The ears of our company.
Putting customers first isn't just a mantra - it's in our veins. We champion their needs and supply information about customer purchasing trends to every part of the business.

The reasoning is clear: Everything Tesco does needs to be rooted firmly in customer knowledge. And when we communicate we need to do it clearly, consistently and in line with brand values.

Like we said, it's in our veins.

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