What are tesco's marketing techniques?


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Due to the fear competitors may use the information to their advantage, Tesco do not release their marketing techniques and strategies. However it is still fairly obvious to see that there are certainly a few ways in which Tesco deliberately target their customers.

It can be argued that Tesco try and do the following with their marketing:

• Engage directly with the customer by emailing them and sending them post
• Keeping a constant link with the customer and building up loyalty with their Clubcard scheme
• Making their store appeal to a wide demographic - something for everyone
• Showing they are the best for both value and quality and why they beat the rest

It is widely agreed that Tesco's 'crown jewels' in their marketing campaigns is the Tesco Clubcard. This card rewards loyalty in the form of Clubcard points that can then be used as currency in a future Tesco purchase. Therefore the customer feels they might as well stay with Tesco for all their grocery shopping as they will be rewarded by collecting points which will eventually save them money. Other stores do have similar schemes but the Tesco Clubcard is well and truly the standout one.

Another marketing technique they use is to target all types of customer. From the mother and fathers who will do their weekly shop, to the more technical savvy who like a bargain such as a cheap HD TV. It gets them all in the stores and then they may well end up buying a lot more than the item they first came in for.

To summarize, Tesco's marketing technique is mainly built on building customer loyalty, as a returning customer base means repeat business and leads to a very profitable model.

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