Can I Get Medicaid While Unemployed?


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Medicaid is a financial aid program in the United States of America to help provide medical care for people who fit certain criteria. The Medicaid program is a joint venture by the Federal Government and State Governments. Although all states have to follow the same basic principles when denying or allowing Medicaid to those who apply for it, each state operates the Medicaid system slightly differently, so people who qualify in one state may be denied Medicaid help in another state.

If you are unemployed, you may be eligible for Medicaid. However, please note that poverty or a low income will not necessarily guarantee you help from the Medicaid program - although, if you are living in poverty and are also pregnant, disabled, living with a disease such as HIV/AIDS, or are experiencing other, similar circumstances, you are more likely to receive Medicaid.

There should be no issues with your application if you wish to apply for Medicare whilst unemployed. However, you MUST state within your application, where appropriate, that you are unemployed. Whether your unemployment is due to disability, illness, or just due to having recently lost your job, it is your duty to disclose information regarding your unemployment. If you are found to have withheld information on your Medicaid application, or to have fabricated any information, you may be charged with fraud, and will almost certainly be denied any help from the Medicaid program. It is in your best interests when applying for Medicaid to reveal all information about your unemployment.

Whatever the reason for your unemployment, you must be able to provide documents which prove your unemployment when applying to receive Medicare. In addition, if you are unemployed due to a disability, you must declare any other income support you receive to help you with your disability, as this will affect your eligibility to receive Medicare.

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