I Am Unemployed, Have No Insurance, Have No Money, I Am Sick, Social Services Tells Me There Is No Medicaid, What Do I Do?


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Individuals living in developed nations, have a right to avail benefits from the social security programs being offered by the state on a condition that they are unemployed. However, in order to avail these facilities, it's important that you have registered yourself with the correct authorities.

Getting hold of unemployment benefits is not an easy task. You will be able to avail the unemployment benefits only if you have a valid reason for unemployment.

Unemployment due to weak reasons, such as time taken off to deal with a death in the family, will not be able to help you in getting hold of unemployment benefits.  

Many of the individuals are not aware of the procedures and the requirements of the  social security programs due to which many citizens keep on pondering here and there and worry if they will be paid Medicaid if they are sick, have no insurance and are unemployed.

Many countries, such as USA, tend to provide all the people, whether employed or not, with free health care facilities. However, in order to avail the facilities of such programs, you need to be earning an amount below a certain threshold. 

Many hospitals, even the ones part of such programs, do not prefer people using this program as a result they avoid informing people about the various health care schemes initiated by the government.

Many a times, it happens that the individuals fail to avail the benefits of the Medicaid for some reason or another. In order to ensure that you are able to avail the benefits, you should remember to go to a hospital that is registered within this government program and not any other hospital, not even the public or county hospitals.

The hospitals that are registered to provide Medicaid under the social security programs offer a 99% guarantee to write off your medical bills.
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No offense but have you people been in this situation? Go talk to the department? You are entitled to "fee medical care". What world do you live in? Obviously you are in for a VERY rude awakening.

I would go to your local ER. They have to see you. 99.9% of the time they will write off your visit. My brother was in the hospital and they wrote off $60k, I had to go last year and they wrote off $2k.

Tell them what your situation is and they will help you in the ER. You do not need to go to a "county" or "public" hospital- any ER is fine. If your case requires more follow up they will possibly refer and write that off too.
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Zuhail - getting unemployment isn't as easy as you think.  I was let go from my job because I had to deal with my mother passing away and I was denied unemployment.  Now I am a single mother with a 3 year old and I am trying to apply for medicaid.

I have been on the job hunt for 3 months now and believe me -- the hospital does not give free services.  I had to take my son to hospital and now they are still coming after me for the bill.  Hospitals do not care if you have the money -- they will still take you to collections and take anything you have that is considered an asset
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There IS always medicaid it is a federal prograM YOU MUST APPLY AND IF YOU have to go to the hopsital the hospital sociual services dept can help you file you bare eligible the onky way you are not is if you have a pending SSI or SSD case. Go now and get your care they cannot refuse you
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Nope. You can't get Medicaid if you're not working unless you're pregnant or have a child.
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Okay first thing you need to do is get down to the job center! Go for anything even cleaner! least its a bit of money
with your money try to save up for insurance and food and things!

ANY THING IS BETTER THAN [email protected]
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You should contact the the head department of health and file your case threw them and have them fight for you if you are unsuccessful...good luck
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You must apply for unemployment benefits. Then you would be able to cover your medical expense also.

You have every right on your free medication from the government. There is some confusion about it. If you are a citizen of the country then free medical is your right. Talk to the concerned department in person.

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