How Can I Get My Medicaid Id Number?


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If you already have Medicaid, you should have a card that lists your ID Number; however, if you have lost or misplaced the number you will need to call 1800 633 4227. This phone number will help you contact Medicare and Medicaid directly.

Through this number you can ask for the clerk who answered to look you up by giving a bit of personal information. Basically, they will want you to verify who you are so that they are not just giving your information to just anyone.

If you do not have Medicaid, you can use the number mentioned above to get information sent to you regarding how to fill out and obtain a Medicaid number. You will need some information for the application paperwork. Your social security number, physical address, telephone number and full name will all be required on the application.

You can also visit your local Medicaid office to obtain an application, as well as to obtain your Medicaid ID Number should you lose it.

Often in today's world, you are able to use your fingerprints as an ID option with Medicaid. It means you can go to the office and they will take your fingerprint to compare with your Medicaid information to obtain your number again. It is also possible to get a new card if you have lost it. The regional office will be able to file for a reprint and have a new card sent to you.

If you are unsure whether you qualify for Medicaid, it is imperative that you visit the local or regional office to talk over your case and circumstances with a professional. The office can help you fill out the proper paperwork and get the help you need. The government is strict with who can and cannot qualify for Medicaid.

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