What Is Needed To Open A Bank Account With Bank Of America?


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"In order to apply for a Bank of America account (this applies for Bank of America's online account application process), and you are an American citizen, you must have with you:

A) Social Security Number

b) Phone number

c) Email Address

d) Current 'physical' home address

e) Date of Birth

f) Debit Card or bank account number for funding your new account during the application

g) College Information (if applicable)

You cannot open a Bank of America if you are not an American citizen, unless you create an American company and subsequently apply for an account for the company. This should really only be an option if you make your living online, or least, a substantial proportion of it.    For many of us then, it is quite simply impossible to open a Bank of America account, and I suggest that all (or at least the vast majority of) non-American citizens look elsewhere for their banking services. You could apply for an account with a bank that operates in the US and elsewhere in the world; HSBC and Citibank seem to be common examples of this. If you wish to find more information about Bank of America then you may wish to try their official website:, which contains more information on applying for an account, amongst many other topics.
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All you need to open up a bank account is a picture I.d. And your social security number......and the over the age of 18 to open it by your self but under the age you need a legal guardian.....
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I have a social security number and I am over 18 years old but I do not have a picture i.d. . So what can I do?
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Wow so I need parent guardian an account if I'm not older than 18 ;-(
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What  is the  smallest   amount  of money needed  to  open  an account?  &  how do ones establish credit  in order to get  a house or do some  other buisness.

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