How Do I Activate My Natwest Adapt Debit Card Online, Without Having To Call Someone?


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When you received your NatWest Adapt Debit Card you will have also received full instructions on how to activate it. Some banks don't allow you do it online; you may have to activate it at an ATM (hole in the wall), or you may actually have to call them.

If you have lost the directions that came with your card, have a look at NatWest's website for further instructions:  This is the pages that actually deals with Adapt accounts.

  • Adapt Accounts
NatWest's Adapt bank accounts are accounts exclusively for 11 to 18 year olds and are supposed to be an introduction to the world of banking so that young people can be accustomed to using a banking service.

One of the reasons why banks have created accounts such as these is because they are aware that if somebody opens a bank account when they are young there is a strong likelihood that they will stay with that bank for all of their lives.

Banks are aware that unless something huge happens that completely breaks down the relationship that they have with a customer, the majority of people tend to stay with a bank because they cannot be bothered with the hassle of changing. Consequently, it pays to get somebody hooked to their brand sooner rather than later.

  • Adapt debit cards
Adapt debit cards work in exactly the same way as any other debit card: You use them in place of cash as long as you have the money in your account to cover the amount.

NatWest also allow you to choose the design of the card that you want so that it is more personal to you, which is often a very big deal to some young people.
NatWest is also offering people who are not their customers the chance to design a card, and is offering cash prizes for those that are accepted.

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