How To Check My Bank Of Baroda Saving Bank Account.?


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The Bank of Baroda is the third largest bank in India, after the State Bank of India and Punjab National Bank. With over 102 years of experience, it has a network of 3,412 branches, and an international presence in 25 foreign countries, including branches in the UK, USA, and China.

Account information such as a balance can be checked a number of ways.

  • Countrywide branches conveniently offer customers ease in operating their account wherever they may be. By visiting a branch any information your require, or inquiry you may have can be dealt with here.
  • 24-hour ATMs enable you to withdraw cash, check your account balance, and request a new check book even after banking hours are over.
  • Bank of Baroda has a number of helplines these can be found via the bank's website:
  • Internet banking enables you to operate your account just as you would in any Bank of Baroda branch. Through the internet you can check your balance, request a new cheque-book and print account details.

Bank of Baroda's internet banking service, Baroda Connect, is an alternative and effective way of managing your account. All customers can register under Baroda Connect for VIEW and/or TRANSACTION facility.

Under the VIEW facility customers can:
  • View  the account summary of all deposit and loan accounts.
  • View account information online with a single user ID.
  • Get account statements

Under the transaction facility customers are able to:
  • Transfer funds immediately or schedule for a future date, to self linked and third party accounts.
  • Pay utility bills like electricity, phone and gas, as well as manage donations and subscriptions.
  • Pay school/institutional fees.
  • Book rail tickets.
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You can write to the bank or call them at the numbers below, but you'll probably have to have your savings account number when you do.

Head Office
Bank of Baroda
Suraj Plaza-1, Sayaji Ganj,

Phone : (0265) 236 1852 (10lines)

Bank of Baroda
Baroda House, P.B. No.506, Mandavi,

Phone : (0265) 256 3932
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My account balance checking
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Better You Use Net Banking Facility of bank of baroda to get your My Balance Account Enquire  or You personally visit the branch they will give  you. Bank of baroda still not started online statement facility for saving account but they started for currrent  , OD , CCA and other all type of account.
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MY account number is this and I want to know the account information
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I want to check my bob's account how would I?
Its like not accessible on net hav to go in bank and stand in line for hours to watch an account

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