How Is The Practice Of Market Segmentation Related To The Marketing Concept?


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Market segmentation categorizes the consumers on the basis of their needs and demands for the products and services. When the marketing plan is developed for the specific product or service then marketing strategy is designed in consideration to the behavioral, psychological and demographics of the consumers. A general market strategy which is not able to fulfill the needs of the specific segment can never be successful. Therefore, for the evaluation of the target market expectations the market segmentation is done and it appears as the major step of the marketing plan.
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Yes it is, in benefit segmentation marketers are focused on producing a product that will benefit the segment they choose, example gatorade makes drinks just for athletes, this benefit these athletes in that it put back what have been lost from sweating and for marketing concept, they focus on satisfying consumers needs and want, consumers needs and want are things that benefit them, for example a family car, a person needs a family car, the benefit of that family car is to travel with the whole family in comfort, so yes benefit segmentation is consistent with the marketing concept. *group bba3b

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