What is the relationship between between marketing and production?


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It is interrelated. Marketing without taking consideration the production unit will lead to customer dissatisfaction and low sales turnover
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Marketing is now used as the vehicle for encouraging goods and services produced into the hands of the comsumer. Unfortunately superior marketing can lodge a product of less value into the life of a consumer or skew the effectiveness of a product and so cause good/excellent products to remain on a "shelve".

In speaking about production the Lord simply says..everything that is is my tithe..use them and create and develop remembering that the first part is HOLY..If then we reconize value in the MIND...then we will applaud as superior productions..those that are produced recognzing HIS Greatness and HIS gift to us..and rather than compete by marketing, compete by thier substance ie their standard and work with the desire to always improve..to the glory of God.

This then would shift the focus from marketing to production and the more we produce with care the moe goods and services we will have to choose from and the world will be fed all it's needs through products built with a desire for excellence.

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