Do All Companies Need To Practice The Marketing Concept? Explain In Detail. Could You Cite Companies Existing In Your Market That Do Not Need This Orientation? Which Companies Need It Most?


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Answer: Today are the days of fast communications and comforts at finger tips and due to fast electronic and media revolutions, technological developments, customer behaviour changes, demand fluctuations, distribution channels conveniences, easy and ready merchandizing, increasing choice marketing, electronic commerce, on call trade, web marketing and many more other new trends has tremendously changed Marketing concept and now a days it is not just selling, delivery & promotion, but it is:
" The concept of Right products for the Right people at the Right time at the Right place at a Right price with Right services".
It is a vital channel for linking produces, suppliers and customers for not only linking with each other for the sake of sale/purchase, exchange business, promote business but for the survival and comforts to each other.

All companies/organizations dealing in utilities items like soft drinks, home appliances, fast foods, credit cards, ready cash, easy loans, automobiles, plastic money items, online education programs, fast delivery items, auto bill payment options, building and plot programs, information technology, public marketing, media, broadcasting channels, pharmaceutical products, insurance products, sports items , fitness items and online technologies need to understand and practice marketing concept in its right sense and spirit, because it has become the matter of survival for these companies/organizations. Generally all new born companies needs proper evaluation of business strategies prior to start any business especially marketing concept, how ever all those companies who deals with customer goods and services need marketing concepts to combat with the rival groups and boost their business. Production based companies need the most marketing orientations for the sake of their survival, boost their sales return, growth and stability in the changing marketing envirornment.
However all those companies who has made a fixed line business and is either pioneer or has made its roots stronger in its defined customers market then these do not need marketing, but if these needs diversification as per global demand and varying market philosophy then these also need proper marketing tactics and programs.
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In my opinion all companies needs marketing orientation. But those compnies thoes are good in their perfomance are independent need no marketing .companies those are arising or opened newly they need it most.
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muhammad jawad shahid
I think all companies need marketing.the reason is that today there is lot of compition in the market , a company that want to be a successfuol it should apply marketing concept otherwise it can not compete.and the comopanies that have ribal they need it most in my opinion.
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In my opinion every company needs the marketing orientation. Almost all the companies do make some product or they do render some services to the customer. In this global world, internet is the easiest way to market products. Market increases the customers of a company so to it's income. Production companies need the most to market their products so they can attract as many customers as they can.
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Every company need the marketing because advertising play an important role in the high profit sale of the product. So the marketing plays a vital role in any company
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According to me yes every company need advertising in the starting but after that not need. But if company change its services or product then again need some orientation.

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