What is the difference between wholesaling and retailing?


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A retailer is a person who sells goods directly to the consumer. While an wholesaler is a person who buys goods in large quantities from the manufacturer and sells them in small quantities to others .E.g . Retailers. A wholesaler is very close to the retailer and manufacturer while a retailer is close to the consumer.          A wholesaler has much more purchasing power than the retailers. The wholesaler can also provide storage facilities of raw materials and goods for the manufacturers while the retailers don't provide any storage facilities to the manufacturers.
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Wholesailing is selling to someone who is not the end user of the product.  Retailing is selling to someone who is the end user.  A manufacturer WHOLESALES a product to a distributor who WHOLESALES the product to a store.  The store RETAILS to you, who use the product.
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Well for my side there is some difference between
wholesaling and retiling. Like:

Retailing is selling to the consumer in small quantities.

Wholesale is the selling of goods in large quantities usually at lower prices
to a retailer.
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A Retailer is an individual or an organization which is involved in the process of retailing. Retailing is related with sale of goods from a fixed location. This includes a departmental store or even a kiosk. This sale results in direct consumption by the purchaser. Retailer buys goods in bulk from the manufacturer or the wholesaler and then sells to the end user in small quantities.

On the other hand, Wholesaler is a person or an organization that is involved in sale of goods to retailors, or to commercial, industrial or institutional buyers. They usually form the interface between the retailors and the manufacturers.

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