I Forgot My PIN Number For My Chase Credit Card. How Can I Get Cash From The ATM Machine?


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A Personal Identity Number, or PIN code as it is more often referred to, is a secret numerical password used by all major retail banks in order to verify the identity of its customers. It is issued by banks such as Chase as a means of identity verification, with each individual customer being given their very own personal PIN number to be kept secret. The use of the PIN number has increased in recent years as a response to financial crimes, and especially the rising instances of credit card fraud. The idea of the PIN number is to increase security by giving a secret code to each of its users, with the idea being that only the customer will be in possession of the number and therefore only they will have access to their bank account during financial transactions. As a result of this it is bank procedure to require its customers to verify their PIN number every time they wish to use a an Automated Teller Machine (ATM), in order to protect the customer's security. This means that unfortunately, unless you are able to remember what your PIN number is, you will not be able to immediately access money from a cash machine. It is also worth noting that to further the financial security of their customers, all high street banks also operate a system whereby each debit or credit card will offer just three chances to enter the correct PIN number into a cash machine. If you type an incorrect number into the cash machine three times in a row, the bank will automatically 'lock' your PIN code, meaning that you will be unable to work the card again and so will have to call your bank. This is to ensure that criminals who may have stolen your debit or credit card are not able to attempt to guess your PIN number and then steal your money directly from your bank account. It is also important to know that this happens not only at cash machines but also if you type the wrong PIN number when trying to purchase something. Therefore if you have forgotten your PIN number it is necessary for you to contact Chase bank either by telephone or by visiting a local Chase branch in person, and explain to them what has happened. For more information on how to contact the bank or how you should go about doing so, please go on their website: If you are sure you cannot remember the number, it will be better for you to contact the bank before you have 'locked' the PIN through typing in the incorrect number. However if you have already 'locked' out your PIN, do not worry, just contact your card issuer for more information. Most likely they will just have you verify your identity in other ways and then unlock the PIN. Although remembering PIN numbers can be difficult , your bank will almost certainly allow you to change your PIN to a number you would remember more easily.
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If you login on their site, you can find a "change my pin number" and you will get one in the mail in 5-7 days, you don't get to pick the pin number however, but if you go to one of the Chase banks near you, you can request your own pin number for yourself.
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You need to contact Chase to request a new pin number.
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I didn't know that I had a pin number for the credit card. What do I do to find out if I ever had one and how do I get a number?
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At first you are reported your bank about your pin number. And complained about your pin number and get suggestion.

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At the sign in screen, select forgot username/password and follow the instructions. If you’re still unable to sign in, please call us at the number on the back of your card.

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