I Forgot My Pin Number, How Soon Can I Get It Or How Can I Get Cash?


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Only the card provider can answer this question.

Some banks have developed a no-card facility for people who've lost their card and are unable to easily lay their hands on a replacement (e.g. On holiday abroad).

Contact the bank by phone and they MAY be able to give you a long string of numbers, which you can then go and type into one of their ATMs, without first entering a card. You'll then get instructions on the screen on how to get at your money. You may need some personal info - DOB, etc. - to prove you're the account holder.
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Go to your bank with your ID and your Credit/Debit card and they will reset your PIN.  Some banks will do that right away.  Some take longer.
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You have to ask your bank in order to get a new pin number, as there's only your bank that can provide it for you.

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