How do I recover the pin number for my ATM card?


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If you've forgotten it or lost it, then go in the bank and talk to a teller. They will assign you a temporary one or you can make a new one. It's pretty easy, but you have to talk to a teller. Bring your ATM card and ID and they'll fix it for you!

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Your best bet if you've lost or forgotten your PIN number for your ATM card is to go to your bank and they'll be able to assist you in arranging a new PIN.

When you visit the bank you'll need to take some photographic ID such as your drivers license or passport, along with your ATM card.

They may ask you some additional security questions just to check you are who you say you are before assigning you a completely new or temporary PIN. You will probably be able to choose your own pin.

How to create a memorable PIN number

There's so many millions of potential combinations of numbers you could choose for your own PIN! It's likely that you'll want to choose something personal to you such as a date of birth or similar.

However it's actually more useful to choose a completely random set of numbers for your PIN. It may take a little more time to memorize the sequence of numbers, but it will make it more difficult for anyone using your card without your consent to access your account.

The video below gives some great advice on creating a strong PIN and the tips and things to avoid when doing this.

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In this case, go to the bank and tell them you are trying to recover your pin number. After some security procedures, they will assign you a new pin number within a couple of days. Don't forget to carry your ATM Card and ID with you when you go.

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