Why Human Resource Department Is Important For Organization?


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Human Resources departments are crucial for corporate organizations, as they act as liaisons between regular staff and management. When problems arise, Human Resources employees begin a series of pre-defined steps that are meant to resolve disputes quickly and fairly. These steps may include private meetings with involved parties, joint meetings with both parties and HR representatives, and other measures. However, it's important to understand that Human Resources is there to protect the corporation, not the individual employee. The focus in HR is always on keeping the company strong, functional, and free of costly and damaging litigation from disgruntled employees or "whistleblowers". Knowing the true purpose of Human Resources will help you decide whether such a department is necessary for your corporation.

Human Resources also serves other purposes; they will be actively involved in posting jobs at a company, vetting resumes, and scheduling interviews. HR staff will also keep files on regular and contract employees, mediate problems and firings, and instigate improvements at the workplace, usually related to employee fitness, health and wellness. The role of HR may be slightly different from one company to the next. Ultimately, the duties and responsibilities of Human Resources will be dictated by a company's CEO (Chief Executive Officer) or perhaps a Board of Directors, this is why Human Resources is really another branch of a corporation, rather than an independent entity.

The amount of Human Resources staff a corporation needs depends on its numbers. A huge company, such as a big pharmaceutical or motor vehicle manufacturer, will need a vast amount of HR representation. A smaller firm may only need a single Human Resources consultant or staff member. Medium-sized companies will need three to ten HR staff members to support the amount of regular staff they employ at any given time.
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The human resource department is one of the most important functions of an organization. This department is responsible for planning, organizing, leading and controlling of the Human Resource function.

This department is important to the organization because it helps in selection and recruitment of individuals that are right for a given position in the company. They help in preparing job descriptions and then recruit people according to these job descriptions. They match right people to the right jobs. They also organize training development programs for individuals and thus take part in their professional grooming.
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Human Resource department is one of the most important departments of an organization. It is responsible for the Planning, Control, Organization and Leading of the Human Resource Function.

This function is important because all the hiring is done through this department. They are the ones who analyze candidates for a certain position and choose the one which they think is the best. On the other hand, they are also involved in making job descriptions for each position. So they match the right candidates with the right jobs.

HR department is also responsible for training and development of employees. This way it helps in their professional grooming and development.
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Human Resource plays an important role in making the organizations achieve competitive advantage. People in the organizations nurture the organizations with their skills, competences, knowledge and experience and have the ability to take the organization out from the stage of crisis. HR at top management level demonstrates leadership and administrative decisions which can make an organization effective in achieving its goals. HR at middle level management helps to integrate and coordinate the lower level and top management. The main functions of HR in an organization include: Recruiting, Training & Development, Employee Compensation, Communication, Employee Relations, Performance Evaluations, Conflict Management, Career Planning, Organizational Development etc. All these functions are the backend functions which are highly imperative for success of any organization. Role of HR is to polish the skills of the new employees entered in the organization and create a culture which can foster collaboration between employees and employer.
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Humans are like assets for any organisation. Every issue in any organisation starts form people and end on people. So they need to be take care of. These issues can be related to there joining to leaving the organisation (Recruitment to exit of the employees). Each and every task is related to people only. Companies growth and development depend on human assets.its manager with whom we expect to manage them and taking important decisions.
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Because HRM department is directly related to customers and employees.It deals not only within side the organization but also with outside matters.
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HR department is one of the most key players in any organziation. It is responsible for the most important asset, which is the human. Without good HR, organizations can fail and under developed.
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There are lots of roles of Human Resource Management and some of them are as follows.

HR management helps in recruiting the staff. Their main object is to search potential candidates. For this they try to attract these potential candidates by offering good salary package. HR management also conduct interviews and helps in decision making for selection of candidates.

HR management plays important role in training the staff. They identify and select the employees who have the potential and need training. It helps the employees to be equipped with required and latest skills.

HR management is also responsible for company's performance. It set department's objects aligned with organization objectives and try to achieve the task at required time frame. HR management compensate people and make a plan to give rewards to deserving employees. HR Management also helps in solving employees and customers problems. Helps in negotiating with employees and unions.

HR management also motivate people/employees which helps the employees to stick and work for the company for a long time and make them company's loyal employee.
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HR department plays a vital role in any organization. It deals with the most important asset of the organization that is Employees. The major purpose of this department is to hire right persons for the right jobs and provide them overall satisfactory environment. Further responsibilities are, Training & Development, Performance Appraisal and Staffing. (Thanks)
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The HRM is an important to all the managers because during the daily operation every body might come across different difficulties, conflicts and arguments or such circumstances.  It is the nature of working with human being.  There for the HRM is very important to over come such circumstances to all the managers, shift leaders or any.
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Human resource department is very important for an organisation for planing, organizing,controlling. It based upon the management to identify the skills, apptitude,knowledge of human being

It relates to behaviour between one person to another person.
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Without staff there would be no-one to order around !! Think about what jobs should be identified in a particular organisation, chain of command, delegation of responsibilities, diversity of trade, skills base, experience. The managers need to rely on an efficient HR team to sort the wheat from the chaff
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Human Resources is for hiring and firing of personnel, they handle employee benefits, employee resources, they usually handle any kind of seminars, staff meetings for entire facility.  They maintain all staff and personnel records, perform any background/and or credit checks, etc.
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Perhaps its easier to answer this by listing some of the personnel mistake you don't want to make while managing.   For example, you don't want to   1 Hire the wrong person for the job   2  Experience high turnover   3 waste time with useless interviews
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Human Resource Department manages all the Details of the Company and Employees securely in an unique Human Resource Management System.Their tasks are Training, Recruiting,Staffing, Monitoring and so on. Now a days one can get HR Outsourcing support from the Outsourcing Companies like Allsec Technologies,Aster HR and so on.

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