Why Is Human Resource Management Considered The Most Important Asset In Any Organization?


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A Human Resources department in any company or business is essential as this is where the employees bring their problems or questions. In a way, the Human Resources department is there to look after the company's employees. They provide answers to benefit questions and packages and explain what the company has to offer to its employees.

Human Resource management is all about the management of human beings, obvious but true. It is a term that is used to describe the individuals who make up the workforce of an organization. In basic terms, a company's human resource team should maximize return on investment and minimize financial risk. Human resource managers achieve this by choosing a supply of skilled and qualified individuals and teaming them with the businesses' ongoing and future plans. As mentioned before, this is to maximize the return on investment and secure future success and survival in the business world.

There are several strategies and policies that the human resources have in place to implement the above goals into an organization. For most companies, these generally include keeping up-to-date with federal laws and making sure that employees comply, employee record keeping and confidentiality, employee motivation and morale boosting, industrial and employee relations, performance, conduct and behavior management (this may include conducting seminars for sexual harassment or other inappropriate behavior), human resource analysis and workforce personnel data management and recruitment and selection.

Every single department in a company is vital to its success. There is no doubt that the company could survive if these departments were to be lost but its efficiency would be compromised. Human resources forms the basic foundation of any company that wishes to survive as it keeps everyone happy and working together like a well oiled machine. If people cannot get along then the efficiency of the machine slows down and becomes more and more burdened.
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Human resource in any company is necessary, that is where the employees take there problems,questions etc. Human resources handle the business part of the company for the executives so they can handle the growth of the business or company, while human resources handles the employees,benefit questions and packages,explanations of what the company has to offer to the employees....hope this helps   
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This is if you work in Human Resources! Every part of an organization serves a function much like every part of your body. You can loose some and still function but not at the same efficiency level. You can't operate at any level with out the basics; human resources provided the people necessary for a company to operate efficiently and effectively and deals with the needs of these people which in turn makes the company happy and run like a machine in high drive. If the people cannot get along, work together and function as a unit then the machine slows down and the efficiency of this machine become more and more burdened. As such happy people make for a happy engine that runs like a tiger.
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