Did Colorado Receive A 4th Tier Of Emergency Unemployment Benefits, I Am Ending My Second Tier Entering My 3rd?Then What Happens?


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I don't think Colorado got the Tier IV extension.  From my research, it appears that Colorado's unemployment rate is not high enough to receive Tier IV.  Does anyone else know anything about this?  I am also wondering if Colorado is going to have STATE extended benefits, separate from the federal program.

D. Dilivio
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I know Georgia received a 4th tier and I believe that it was a nation wide extension.Just keep on claiming, you should receive something in the mail to tell you what to do next when the time gets there.
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In reference to Colorado's unemployment rate being to low for allowing the unemployed Tier 4... My question... Is Colorado still collecting the money that was granted from congress and the senate....If so, why are they not using it for what it was inteded for.... Sad to say.. I know 3 different people.... That are still unemployed, activly looking for work...would even be happy with a fast food resturant.... But all three... Have now become homeless. The sad thing is that 1 some times two of them live under the I-25 and broadway bridge....thus making it harder to be clean and shaved for an interview....COLORADO   step up to the plate.. But I guess what can one expect from a Mayor tha had his 1st job at Buckhorn Petrol ium   as a Geologist at   the age of 30 something.... We are not all priveleged... Believe it or not.... Homeless people vot also.....they werent always homeless...and they are not bums or drunks... Just want to know where the money went

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