Did Congress Approve The 4th Unemployment Extension Today?


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Visit the site Govtrack Which tracks all the bills that are introduced.
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After the 4th extension then what? I still have not found a job. After this last claim I will not be able to receive any more edd benefits..this has been a long hard road for me .

Thanks, patricia
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Did congress pass the bill and we`re just waiting for it to be signed
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What was approved was the filing deadline , which now goes to february, basically it means california will get the additional 6 weeks, over and above the 13 which was already approved.
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No. Read my previous post re: H.R. 3404 and S. 1637. Or, you can Google both and go to "opencongress.com" or the "thomas" search engine of the Library of Congress. You'll get up to date info there.

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