What Type Of Advertisements Are There?


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There are types of advertising objectives which are
  • Informative advertising where the objective is to build primary demand in the introduction or pioneering stage of a product
  • Persuasive advertising where the objective is to build selective or comparative demand in the competitive or growth stage of a product.
  • Reminder advertising with mature products and reinforcement advertising which seeks to assure current purchasers that they have made the right choice.

And there are the following major advertising media types
  • Print advertising--newspapers, magazines, brochures, fliers, yellow pages, newsletters etc.
  • Outdoor advert sing--billboards, kiosks, trade-shows, events etc.
  • Broadcast advertising--TV, Radio, mobile (back-lit) vans or autos etc.
  • Online advertising- Telephone, SMS/MMS, emails, pop ups, banner ads, video ads etc.

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