How Many Types Of Audiences Are There?


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There are five types of audiences, which one encounters while going through the process of delivering a formal message. The audience is namely the initial audience, the gatekeeper audience, the primary audience, the secondary audience and the watchdog audience.

Initial audience is the first audience to get your message. An initial audience may also be the one to tell you to write the message.

The second audience is the gatekeeper audience that has the power to stop your message in lieu of letting it reach the third set of audience that is the primary audience.

As for the primary audience, they are the ones who can either accept your recommendation and act upon your message. The understanding of your message by the primary audience is immensely preeminent as te purpose of any message will be fulfilled when the primary audience gets it.

A secondary audience, which is the fourth audience, may be asked to comment on your message or implement your presented notions later.

The last group of audience is the watchdog audience, which has an oblique role in the entire process. They don't act directly on your message but have a strong political, economic or social influence on your message.

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