How Can A Person Close One Bank Account And Open Another At The Same Bank?


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Mike OSullivan answered
Generally, it depends on the reason, if your existing account has an issue of fraud potential, then it should not be a problem to close one and open another, but then again, some banks may limit accounts under same name and SS#, so it depends.  Best way to find out is ask your bank what their rules are on multiple accounts.  If you have a valid reason to close your existing account and open another, I am sure they will accommodate your request.
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Karen answered
Easy, go inside and talk to the man at the desk...not teller window... And explain tht you need to open another account. You can have 50 million if you want. I have 3 at the same bank. I use one so child support can come in and then I transfer to my other accounts so the baby's daddy cannot see how much money that I have. The kid has one there also so I can transfer money into her acct for clothes, shoes, etc.Also it is easy to track for income tax purposes and other court needed documentation.

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