How To Write A Letter To Close My Bank Account?


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If you wish to close your bank account you must make sure all of your cheques have cleared and you have left enough money in your account to cover any fees associated with closing your account.  A formal letter with your account details and a dated signature is required for both yours and the bank's records. It ensures that both parties are in agreement or at least aware that the account is to be closed and your contract with the bank terminated. The letter can be delivered by you in person or be sent in the post to the branch where the account was set up. To be legitimate, the letter must begin with the date on which you would like the account to close (or effective immediately). It must also clearly display your full name, as it appears on your bank statement, your account number and sort code. You should state that you have no outstanding debits or cheques coming into or out of the account. The letter should include a short summary as to why you are closing the account. It is important to include a contact telephone number and your current address. If you are closing the account by post the bank will post a cheque with your remaining balance and they may wish to send you any relevant tax information. Finally sign your name (including the date that the letter was written below your signature).
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From,Your nameYour AddressTo, The Manager,your bank AddressDear Sir/Madam,Sub:request to close accountI hereby request you to close the following account at your branch:Account Holders Name:Account Type:Savings/current Account NumberEnclosed is my unused cheque leaves bearing Number from 1234 to 45676.Thank you for your prompt attention in this matter.Yours Faithfully,Encl:Unused cheque
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Write the following on a piece of paper and hand it to the bank teller:

"Do not be alarmed.  Please empty my account into this pillow case.  Do not push the silent alarm button."

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