How Can I Close My Bank Account?


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Write the letter like this & give it to bank manager.

Full Name
Your Address


Name of the Bank
Address of the Bank

            Request to close Account

Account No:------

Please be advised that I wish to close above referenced account with your bank. Would you
please close the account and forward your final statement to me at your earliest convenience.

Thanking you,

Your Signature
Your Name
Rachitha Bandara  Sri Lanka
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If you have a joint bank account in your own name and that of your parent or spouse or child (or any other relative) and if you want to close the bank account, it is advisable for you and the other holder (or holders) of the joint bank account to be present in person at the time of closing the bank account.

Usually this depends on who is listed as the principal holder of the account. Both the account holders can transact, but only the person whose name has been listed as the primary holder of the account can make changes to it or close it. Whether all the holders of the account have to be present or not while closing the account also depends upon the policy which has been formulated by the bank.
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Pls suggest me how can write a bank account  close .
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Its really interesting question and related to my field because I am working in a bank. First we should now what is the nature of that account which are you closing, whether it is individual account, joint account, proprietor account, partnership account or company account, because every bank has its own policy for closing such accounts.

Here I am going to tell you how to close an individual account in a bank. First account holder comes to that specific bank or intimate bank through any source which is viable that he is going to close his account and bank or related person usually customer service department give me account closing application. Then customer fills it and hand over it to that person or debt. Customer also hands over his cheque book and his ATM card if he is availing it to bank and withdraw cash from his account after bank takes charges of account closing and from this customer and bank relationship exit and account is closed.
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Go into a branch, or write a letter with your acct and social and signature saying you want to close your account. If you still have money have them send you a cashiers check back to you. You close your atm card over the phone.
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To,   The Bank Manager   Canara Bank   Pitam pura.   Sir,   Sub: Closing the Account Ref:no 27032.   We are the customer of your bank from many years. So presently we don't use the account.   So please closing the bank account as early as possible. And I have lost my cheque book and passbook.   Thanking you,   Your's Faithfully   PARDEEP KUMAR

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